Saab Aircraft Leasing doubles aircraft transactions in 2010; lessor shares generally lower

Shares in Aircastle dropped 5.8% in trading yesterday, in a mixed day for listed aircraft leasing companies. Aircastle's diversified aircraft lease portfolio consists of 132 aircraft, with 63 lessees located in 36 countries. The company is due to release its fourth quarter and full year financial results on 10-Mar-2010

Elsewhere, Saab Aircraft Leasing (SAL) announced it completed 30 new aircraft transactions in 2010, nearly double the amount recorded in 2009. The transactions including 10 sales, 18 leases (either new or extensions), and two third-party placements. Twenty-three were Saab 340 transactions, which comprises the largest share of SAL's portfolio. Saab Aircraft Leasing President and CEO, Michael Magnusson, noted a developing trend showing resurgence in the turboprop market, with both regional and major airlines adjusted their fleet planning. Turboprop manufacturer ATR echoed the sentiment earlier this week, forecasting strong revenue growth thanks to renewed interest in the turboprop market

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