Ryanair shares leap on good outlook, Finnair, SkyEurope lead the market down. Europe airline shares

Ryanair shares leapt 6.3% on Monday, as investors liked the carrier's report that losses in the last quarter of 2008 were not as bad as they had feared (a loss of EUR102 million) and that the coming year looked good for Ryanair.

Finnair, facing a pilots' strike next week, lost 6.9% and the volatile SkyEurope shed 5.0%. Air France-KLM (-3.5%), British Airways (-3.3%) and SAS (-2.7%) all lost ground, as the overall market fell.

Iberia, with a rise of 1.7%, was the only network operator to gain, as it jockeys for position in a would-be merger with British Airways

European selected airlines daily share price movements (% change): 02-Feb-09