Royal Jordanian increases Amman capacity; France denies UAE carriers landing slots

The French Government has reportedly rejected requests to permit UAE-based airlines to obtain more landing slots at Paris. Emirates, Etihad and AirArabia were seeking seven new slots. French authorities reportedly agreed to one new landing slot, between Dubai and Lyon.

AirArabia's shares rose 1.7% on Friday, while Royal Jordanian was flat as the carrier increased capacity to/from Amman to more than 110 daily frequencies on increased demand over summer 2010. In other Middle East news, the shares of both Jazeera (+1.7%) and Kuwait National Airways (+1%) rose.

In African news, Kenya Airways (-1.6%) fell while Comair and Lonrho remained flat, and 1time (+1%) rose.

Selected African and Middle Eastern airlines share price movements (% change): 18-Jun-2010