GKN Aerospace and Bombardier up - Suppliers share wrap

GKN Aerospace shares gained 3.6%, following a 3.1% gain on Monday. The aerospace company’s Oct-2010 outlook update was positive, with aerospace expected to have a strong fourth quarter as sales delayed during the summer shut-down are recovered over the balance of the year.

Bombardier shares were up 2.9%. The company announced an order for five business jets at Airshow China. The deal is valued at USD120 million.

Shares in Expedia dipped 3.2%. Expedia’s shares hit a two-year high in late Sep-2010 and have slipped slowly backwards since. The company’s profit report in Oct-2010 topped investor expectations, with the company reporting a strong increase in forward bookings. Sales of aircraft tickets through Expedia rose 10% in the third quarter.

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