Copenhagen Airport shares dive, while Macquarie rises. Xiamen Airport down. Airport shares wrap

Copenhagen Airport shares fell a whopping 11.6% yesterday, rapidly accelerating a steep decline in the airport's value which has occurred since late Jan-09. The airport has been rocked by the failure of Sterling Airways and the continuing cutbacks by flag carrier, SAS, whose potential takeover by Lufthansa continues to be rumoured. The Norwegian government this week announced its willingness to sell all or part of its shareholding in SAS.

Copenhagen Airport passenger traffic was down over 14% in Jan-09 and impending February figures will probably not impress either.

Copenhagen Airport share price: 02-Jan-09 to 09-Mar-09

Meanwhile, Copenhagen owner, Macquarie Airports, recovered some ground, rising 4.9% on the day.

Selected airports daily share price movements (% change): 09-Mar-09