Boeing announces more B787 progress, is Embraer moving to China? - Suppliers Share Wrap

Boeing announced it has completed another milestone in getting the much-delayed B787 ready to leave the ground. The company completed the wing-to-side-of-day fix for the first airframe, a “significant step toward first flight”. The modification will be tested on the static airframe by the end of the month, giving the company a one-month window to conduct the B787 test flight before its end of 2009 deadline.

The manufacturer has also made progress on the B747-8, completing the first of three rounds of testing in early Nov-2009. The aircraft is expected to conduct its first test flight in 1Q2010, with deliveries to commence by the end of 2010.

Despite the positive news, Boeing shares were down 0.8% in trading yesterday. EADS shares were up 2.4%, as the company’s commercial aircraft subsidiary, Airbus, talks to several airlines regarding major orders, including some for its A380 superjumbo.

Meanwhile, Shares in Embraer dropped 2.4% yesterday, as the company’s downward slide after poor 3Q2009 operating results continues. News has also emerged that the company is shutting down its EMB-145 production line after a reported agreement with AVIC to manufacture the 120-seat E190 regional jet in the country.

China is already host to an A320 production line, and AVIC manufactures its own ARJ-21 regional jet. AVIC is also in the development phase of a large 168-190 seat narrowbody, the C919, due to enter commercial service around 2016, giving it a long lead-in advantage over planned new Boeing and Airbus narrowbodies.

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