airberlin moves well ahead. SkyEurope down. Europe airline share prices

Airline shares were mostly quiet as European share markets were mixed yesterday. The FTSE fell 13.98 points (-0.32%) to 4367.28, the DAX 30 was up 25.77 (+0.54%) to 4804.88, while the CAC 40 rose 22.51 (+0.68%) to 3320.31.

The market continues to be negative on SkyEurope's outlook, selling it down a further 4.4% yesterday. But airberlin's outlook is being regarded as more sunny, as its restructuring and more conservative strategy beds down.

Meanwhile, SAS shares continued to creep upwards. Presumably there are investors who believe it has been oversold and see the possibility of a buyer appearing.

European selected airlines daily share price movements (% change): 10-Dec-08