Aer Lingus soars on Ryanair bid; SkyEurope also moves into positive: European airline share prices

Ryanair's bid for the outstanding stock of Aer Lingus sent the smaller carrier's shares into overdrive, rising 13.6% on the day. But the market marked Ryanair back 4.8%, presumably exhibiting some concerns at the potentially heightened risk for Ryanair, if it were to take on the additional political and operational complexity of a takeover of a network airline - never an easy task.

Meanwhile, British Airways (-9.9%) and Air France-KLM (-8.2%) exaggerated the very dark attitudes in the wider market as European share markets plunged down around 5%. Lufthansa was not far behind, at -4.9%.

European selected airlines share price movements (% change): 01-Dec-08