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Nepal dependent on tourism and air transportation but challenges for its airlines


Nepal, dominated by regional carriers due to its mountainous geography and dispersed, is progressively enhancing its international connectivity amid continued tourism growth in the picturesque country. However, despite the rise in visitor numbers, tourism revenues, an important part of the nation’s economy, are not rising to a similar extent and the nation’s poorly performing carriers are facing a rising threat from larger rivals across the border in India. [3883 words]

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  • Government plans to double tourist levels in 2011 to 1 million
  • Tourism revenue not increasing to same degree
  • Improvements and proper management required at Nepal Airlines
  • Cabin crew association expresses concerns
  • Buddha Air – Nepal’s largest carrier 
  • Nepal ranks at bottom of ICAO audit
  • Nepal’s tourism industry needs LCCs
  • Ministry allows additional services for international carriers
  • Second international airport being constructed

Graphs and data:

  • Key Nepal economic data: 2008 to 2012F
  • Nepal international arrivals by air: 2011
  • Nepal tourist arrivals by air: Jan-2009 to Dec-2010
  • Nepal tourist departures by air: Jan-2010 to Dec-2010
  • Nepal tourist arrivals by nationality: Top markets in 2010
  • Nepal Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index
  • Nepal capacity (seats per week, to/from/within) by carrier (11-Jul-2011 to 17-Jul-2011)
  • Nepal Airlines fleet profile: Jul-2011
  • Nepal Airlines international capacity by region (11-Jul-2011 to 17-Jul-2011)
  • Nepal Airlines international vs domestic capacity share (11-Jul-2011 to 17-Jul-2011)
  • Nepal Airlines top 10 international routes (seats, 11-Jul-2011 to 17-Jul-2011)
  • Nepal Airlines top 10 domestic routes (seats , 11-Jul-2011 to 17-Jul-2011)
  • Buddha Air fleet information: Jul-2011
  • Buddha Air top 10 domestic routes (seats, 11-Jul-2011 to 17-Jul-2011)
  • Buddha Air domestic network information
  • Tara Air fleet profile: Jul-2011
  • Yeti Air fleet profile: Jul-2011
  • Agni Air fleet profile: Jul-2011
  • Nepal to India (seats per week, one way, 4-Jul-11 to 1-Jan-12)
  • Nepal to UAE (seats per week, one way, 4-Jul-11 to 1-Jan-12)
  • Nepal to China (seats per week, one way, 4-Jul-11 to 1-Jan-12)
  • Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport movements per hour (Mondays, 11-Jul-2011 to 17-Jul-2011)
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