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Move over London Heathrow! Beijing Capital Airport now the world's second busiest


The relative health of the UK and Chinese economies could not be more clearly illustrated than by the performance of their major gateway airports. In early Dec-2010, Beijing Capital International Airport welcomed its 70 millionth passenger for the year. In doing so, it has become the world's second busiest airport, shunting Heathrow into third place. The Chinese airport forecasts it will handle 74 million passengers in 2010, for year-on-year growth of around 13%, building on rapid expansion of 17% in 2009. [1423 words]

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  • Considerable growth at Beijing; Guangzhou and Shanghai also in Top 20
  • And profitable too. China’s airports profitable in 2009; on track for 2010 profitability
  • Expanding to meet increased passenger demand
  • Second airport to ease traffic pressure in Beijing
  • Beijing capacity to increase to 145 million pax p/a

Graphs and data:

  • 20 Largest Airports worldwide: By Nov-2010 seats
  • World’s largest airports by passenger traffic: 2009
  • Beijing Capital Airport passenger numbers and passenger number growth: Sep-2009 to Sep-2010
  • Chinese airports passenger numbers and passenger numbers growth in 2009: (Annual passengers over 5 million airports)
  • Chinese airports passenger numbers and passenger numbers growth in year-to-date 2010
  • Beijing China
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