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Manchester united with Ryanair again, but at what cost?


Ryanair announced plans to open its 45th base at Manchester Airport in Oct-2011 in a claimed GBP175 million investment, basing two aircraft at the airport and launching 17 routes, increasing by summer 2012 to four aircraft and 26 routes. Ryanair has been there before, then pretty quickly left following a dispute over charges (apart from the perennial Dublin route). This time it is committing to a base operation but what is the potential downside? [2895 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Monarch the surprise capacity leader
  • Playing catch-up with smaller airports
  • Hero to zero
  • Terminal decline
  • Total wipeout
  • Mutual recognition
  • Inbound dream
  • Network carriers needed
  • Its future is in the past
  • The Scottish connection

Graphs and data:

  • Chart 1: Manchester Airport capacity (seats per week, to/from) 11 to 17-Jul-2011
  • Liverpool capacity by carrier, 11-Jul to 17-Jul-2011
  • Leeds/Bradford capacity by carrier, 11-Jul to 17-Jul-2011
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