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Malta's tourism rebounds but flag carrier faces dual threat of Ryanair


The Republic of Malta is one of Europe’s smallest but most densely populated countries. Strategically situated between Italy and Libya/Tunisia the country is well connected to Europe and North Africa with all flights using Malta International Airport (MIA), previously Luqa Airport, in the west of the island 20 minutes from the capital and chief commercial centre Valetta. [1685 words]

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  • Still popular with the British
  • Significant trading nation but still reliant on tourism
  • Hub rebrand spoiled by advent of LCCs
  • Finance and state support the areas of concern
  • LCCs capitalise – Ryanair opens a 20-route base
  • Air Malta in state hands but MIA owned by foreign companies, institutions and the public

Graphs and data:

  • Table 1: Breakdown of tourist departures by country, Jan-Aug 2010
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