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Jetstar even more important as domestic Australian yields slump


Jetsar is becoming an even more important strategic tool for Qantas, as the Australian domestic market shows signs of strain. Qantas Group domestic yield (Qantas, QantasLink and Jetstar domestic) fell a concerning 4.6% year-on-year in Nov-08, after a 0.1% reduction in Oct-08, according to the Centre’s estimates.

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  • Continues to grow as parent slows in Nov-08
  • Expansion continues, but at a slower rate
  • Load factors fall across the board in Nov-08
  • Expects initial B787 deliveries to slip back to 2H10
  • Increases services Perth-Bali services
  • New Zealand expansion on track
  • Reduces fuel surcharge; considering self-baggage check-in

Graphs and data:

  • Qantas Group domestic (Qantas Domestic, Qantaslink and Jetstar Domestic) and Qantas Group international (Qantas International and Jetstar International) yield: Jul-08 to Nov-08
  • Domestic Air Fare Index (July 2003 = 100): Feb-08 to Jan-09
  • Qantas Group passenger number growth: Dec-07 to Nov-08
  • Qantas Group passenger numbers by carrier in Nov-08 (%)
  • Qantas Group passenger capacity and traffic growth by carrier in Nov-08 (% change year-on-year)
  • Qantas Group capacity (ASKs) growth: Dec-07 to Nov-08
  • Qantas Group passenger load factor growth: Dec-07 to Nov-08
  • Jetstar current fleet: Jan-09
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