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India’s second tier airports: Will modernisation of 35 airports by AAI generate further growth?


Indian airline traffic growth remained above 20% in Jun-2010, the fourth consecutive month that domestic airlines have reported growth in this range. Traffic has been soaring at India’s second tier airports, the non-metros, where extensive modernisation and expansion projects are under way to cope with rising demand. The Indian Government previously identified 35 non-metro airports for upgrade and modernisation works, with initial plans to have all upgrades completed by 2009. Due to the slowdown in traffic related to the global economic recession and issues related to funding, completion was delayed. The revised target is to have the modernisation of all 35 airports completed by 2012. [4962 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Part I: Indian airline traffic growth remains above 20%
  • Part II: Indian second tier airports
  • Part III: Improving AAI’s commercial approach

Graphs and data:

  • Non-Metro Airports Identified for Upgrade and Modernisation
  • Indian carriers domestic passenger numbers and passenger number growth: Jun-09 to Jun-2010
  • Indian domestic passenger traffic: Jun-2010
  • Indian carriers domestic market share: May-2010
  • Indian domestic LCC capacity (seats) share as % of total capacity (seats): Jan-2001 to Jan-2010
  • Indian carriers seat factor: Jun-2010
  • Indian airports: 30 selected non-metro airports in 12 months ended Oct-2009
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