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Indian Aviation Outlook 2009: Foreign airlines about to get investment green light


India’s aviation industry faces another brutal year. Jet Airways Executive Director, Saroj Datta, said recently, “the industry is going to make huge losses - it could easily be in excess of two billion dollars for the entire Indian airline industry”. In this Perspective, the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation’s (CAPA) CEO Indian Subcontinent & Middle East, Kapil Kaul, reviews the outlook for foreign airline investment restrictions in India, international services restrictions for Indian airlines, new airline entry, airport regulatory functions including airport user charges, expansion & financing, as well as the all-important demand outlook. [1741 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Policy Outlook 2009: Unfinished business, but elections cloud the agenda
  • Demand Outlook 2009: Weak traffic growth ahead
  • Airline Sector Outlook 2009: Access to capital the key
  • Airport Sector Outlook 2009
  • Conclusion: Clear skies still some way off
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