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India struggling to cope with ATCO shortage


The shortage of qualified and experienced air traffic controllers (ATCOs) in rapidly developing economies is nothing new, but the pace of development of the Indian domestic market is exacerbating an already serious problem for Indian aviation. Several near miss incidents in late 2009 and early 2010 have been attributed to ATCOs, specifically the high pressure and workloads they are under at India’s increasingly busy major airports. [1017 words]

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  • Underestimating requirements
  • Downturn gives ATC some breathing space, but not for long
  • Separating ATC into its own unit by year’s end
  • Looking to the future: India to turn to satellite navigation

Graphs and data:

  • Indian domestic & international aircraft movements: Jan-2006 to Dec-2009
  • Indian domestic, international & general aviation aircraft movements (% change)
  • Indian aircraft movements forecast: 2008/09 to 2022/23
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