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Improved 2QFY2011 financial results and outlooks for Kingfisher, Jet Airways and SpiceJet


Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways and SpiceJet, the three listed Indian carriers, reported improved financial results in the seasonally weaker 2QFY2011 (three months ended 30-Sep-2010) due to what Jet Airways labelled as “buoyancy” in the Indian domestic market, fuelled by faster economic expansion, healthy GDP growth and rising disposable incomes. The outlook is also positive for the carriers in the peak 3QFY2011 period with traffic and yield improvements anticipated which is expected to have a flow on effect on profitability. [1777 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • SpiceJet revenue up 40%; back in the black
  • Kingfisher's losses narrow as revenues jump on 'upsurge' in demand and yield improvements
  • RASK and average revenue per pax improvements for Kingfisher
  • Jet Airways expects continued yield and traffic improvements
  • Jet Airways’ revenues strengthen
  • Improved EBITDAR and loss before tax results for Jet Airways
  • Jet Airways’ break-even result still higher than load factor result  
  • Outlook

Graphs and data:

  • Kingfisher, SpiceJet and Jet Airways financial highlights for the three months ended Sep-2010
  • SpiceJet operating profit margin and net profit margin: 1Q2009 to 2QFY10/11
  • Kingfisher, Jet Airways and SpiceJet net margin: 1QFY2010 to 2QFY2011
  • Kingfisher, Jet Airways and SpiceJet operating revenue growth: 1QFY2010 to 2QFY2011
  • Kingfisher Airlines EBITDAR margin, EBITDA margin: 2QFY2010 vs 2QFY2011
  • Kingfisher Airlines domestic seat factor and int’l seat factor: 2QFY2010 vs 2QFY2011
  • Industry vs Kingfisher passenger growth: Apr-2008 to Sep-2010
  • Jet Airways revenue: 1QFY2009 to 2QFY2011
  • Jet Airways revenue per RPKM growth & cost per ASKM growth: 1QFY2009 to 2QFY2011
  • Jet Airways breakeven seat factor & Passenger load factor: 1QFY2009 to 2QFY2011
  • Jetlite pax growth, ASK growth, break even load factor and passenger load factor: 1QFY2009 to 2QFY2011
  • Jet Airways passenger numbers and passenger number growth: 1QFY2009 to 2QFY2011
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