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FAA temporary extension clears way for long-term funding


Another temporary reauthorisation for the US Federal Aviation Authority has come and gone, with US politicians managing to avoid a second partial shut-down of the agency by less that 24 hours. The FAA now has Congressional funding authority to the end of Jan-2012, four months in which it is hoped that the Republican-controlled Senate and the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives can put aside their differences, come to the negotiating table and finally agree on a long-term funding bill for the agency. [1459 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Time for proper reauthorisation and a new FAA funding model
  • The Trust Fund baby

Graphs and data:

  • Airport and Airway Trust Fund break-down (as of 01-Jan-2011)
  • Airport and Airway Trust Fund receipts: FY2000 to FY2010
  • US airline fee revenue by quarter: 1Q2008 to 1Q2011
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