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Sabre Airline Solutions

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Sabre Airline Solutions

Corporate Address
Sabre Holdings Corp.
3150 Sabre Drive
Southlake, Texas 76092 USA
Phone: +1 682 605 1000

Founded in 1960, Sabre Airline Solutions is a leading provider of integrated solutions and services for airlines and airports. Sabre Airline Solutions helps companies generate more revenue by optimizing performance in 14 key areas of airline operations. More than 300 leading carriers and over 100 airports use Sabre Airline Solutions to better market their schedules, sell their products, serve their customers and operate efficiently.

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Airlines in Transition part 4: Bridging the gap between full service and low-cost or hybrid airlines

25-Apr-2013 8:00 AM

Our previous report on CAPA’s Airlines in Transition conference (Airlines in Transition part 3: How full service airlines are reshaping models to be more competitive) looked at how full service carriers are responding to the challenges of a weak global economy, high fuel prices and growing competition from LCCs on short-haul and Gulf carriers on long-haul. The low-cost sector is also going through a period of change, characterised by features summarised at the conference by Professor Rigas Doganis.

Like the FSCs, the LCC sector has seen concentration and consolidation and the two sectors have established a growing number of linkages. Moreover, the relaxation of the pure low-cost model of simplicity and the adoption by FSCs of LCC pricing strategies has narrowed the differences between them. Have the differences been eliminated? What are the challenges faced by LCCs/hybrids? What is the right number of fares to offer? We examine these questions and more in this fourth conference report.

JetBlue CEO, Dave Barger JetBlue says global alliances are too limiting; LiveTV still a target for divestiture some day

23-Mar-2011 1:30 PM

JetBlue has rejected the idea of hitching its star to a single global airline alliance, saying it would be too limiting. Having announced its latest partnership with Virgin Atlantic over Boston, New York and Orlando, Chief Commercial Officer Robin Hayes said its view on alliances would be different if it were a global carrier. Instead JetBlue wants to partner with anyone who will help feed network.

Southwest, AirTran plan merger, Atlanta and revenue the story

28-Sep-2010 4:07 PM

As most were speculating about the consolidation of the mainline industry in the US late last year and earlier this year, some were saying it was the low-cost carrier sector in need of consolidation.

JetBlue CFO, Ed Barnes JetBlue’s 2Q2010 net rises to USD30 million - but expanding too rapidly?

23-Jul-2010 8:52 AM

In the highest quarterly operating income in its history, JetBlue reported record revenues of USD939 million, up 16%, for the second quarter and a net profit of USD30 million compared to 2Q2009 when it made USD20 million. The carrier joins the ranks of the legacy and low-cost carriers in breaking records for the second quarter.

Westjet CEO, Gregg Saretsky WestJet pegs success on people and culture

21-Jun-2010 4:01 PM

“We look at WestJet as being a completely different airline,” President Gregg Saretsky told analysts at the Bank of America Global Transportation conference last week. “It is a value-for-money type of airline; one that focuses on our guests and where 84% of employees are owners. We are at an inflection point in our history.” And that, indeed, is its culture – one that has earned it recognition for the best corporate culture in Canada.

jetBlue Founder and Chairman, David Neeleman JetBlue Airways' load factor continues to decline despite capacity reduction

19-Mar-2009 2:28 PM

JetBlue transported 1.7 million passengers in Feb-09, a 4.1% year-on-year decrease. Traffic (RPMs) fell 8.3% year-on-year, as capacity (ASMs) decreased 5.5% capacity, resulting in a 2.3 ppt load factor reduction to 76.8%.

This content is exclusively for CAPA Membership Subscribers

CAPA Membership gives you the latest aviation news and alerts, access to CAPA articles, reports, and our leading aviation data with optional premium add-ons.