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WTO preliminary ruling on Airbus subsidies delivered

7-Sep-2009 11:08 AM

European Commission and the Office of the US Trade Representative announced they have received and are reviewing the World Trade Organisation’s preliminary ruling on the legality of subsidies provided to Airbus by EU governments (AP/Bloomberg/Reuters, 04-Sep-2009). The case was brought by the US in 2004, on behalf of Boeing, which claims the support has materially damaged US interests. The ruling is confidential, with both sides officially refraining from comment, although US politicians labelled the decision a "clear victory” that found EU subsidies of Airbus are illegal. EU officials countered, stating more than 70% of US claims had been dismissed in the ruling. A final ruling will be made public in several months, following a period of commentary from the US and EU, as well as from EADS, Airbus and Boeing.