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Work with us constructively or risk further deterioration in EU competitiveness: ERA

15-Apr-2010 8:24 AM

European Regions Airline Association (ERA) published (14-Apr-2010) an open letter to the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament asking them to "choose between working in partnership with air transport towards common goals, or to continue persecuting the industry and risk losing Europe’s international competitiveness". [more]

ERA: “The industry and its experts are willing to work cooperatively with regulators and politicians to develop simple, effective regulations that will advance our common interests and improve the lives of European citizens, but this will only be achieved if our collective knowledge and advice are taken seriously. Continuing to apply punitive measures to air transport undermines the EU’s ability to deliver all of its objectives and risks much slower progress, while the rest of the world overtakes us. It’s time for the European Commission and Parliament to choose,” Mike Ambrose, Director General. Source: ERA, 14-Apr-2010.