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Vinci 1H2009 revenue down 3.5%

1-Sep-2009 11:24 AM

France’s Vinci revenue down 3.5% - financial results for the six months ended 30-Jun-2009:

  • Total revenue: EUR15,391 million, -3.5% year-on-year;
    • Concessions: EUR2,297 million, +3.1%;
    • Contracting: EUR12,901 million, -3.7%;
      • VINCI Construction: -2.9%;
  • Operating profit from ordinary activities: EUR1,358 million, -7.1%;
    • Concessions: EUR856 million, -5.0%;
    • Contracting: EUR466 million, -15.0%;
      • VINCI Construction: EUR325 million, -10.2%;
  • Net profit: EUR690 million, -5.8%;
  • Order book: EUR24,100 million, +6.0%. [more]

Vinci: “The order book at the end of June 2009 of the contracting business lines (VINCI Construction, Eurovia and VINCI Energies), although as yet benefitting little from economic recovery plans, remains at a high level: standing at more than EUR24 billion, it is up by 6% compared with 30 June 2008 and by 4% compared with the end of December 2008. This reflects both the diversification of the Group’s activities and its good positioning in the market for infrastructure and complex equipment, particularly in international markets,” Company statement. Source: Vinci, 31-Aug-2009.