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UK airports confident they can thwart 2012 APD rise

19-Jul-2011 11:35 AM

UK’s Airport Operators Association CEO Darren Caplan said the organisation is confident it can “thwart” the government’s plans to increase APD in 2012, provided the “industry makes enough noise” (Travel Weekly, 18-Jul-2011). “We do not think APD is set in stone. We can thwart a double-inflation increase next year. We got a freeze this year when, before the Budget, APD was definitely going up," The CEO said. Mr Caplan indirectly criticised those in the aviation industry who have suggested alternative ways for HM Treasury to raise revenue via APD. “We are not looking to deal with the government. We are not talking about a per-plane tax or devolved APD or regional airports or banding. The AOA argues ‘scrap APD’. We know it is costing us flights. We have to make some noise.”