30-Dec-2010 11:16 AM

UAE to implement up to USD1000 visa charge for Canadian visitors

UAE's Embassy in Ottawa stated the UAE will require Canadian visitors to purchase a visa for the first time to enter the country and cost up to CAD1000 (USD1000) from 02-Jan-2011 (Bloomberg/Reuters, 29-Dec-2010). The move is the latest in a dispute over airline landing rights between the two countries. Canadians must apply for a visa 15 days prior to departure, reversing the current regulation allowing them to enter the country without a prior visa and at no cost. A short-term 30-day visa will cost CAD250 (USD250) and a three-month visa will cost CAD500 (USD500). A multiple-entry visa will cost CAD1000 (USD1000) and is valid for six months for a maximum stay of 14-days per visit.