5-Oct-2011 12:20 PM

TransAsia Airways confirms IPO on 01-Nov-2011

TransAsia Airways confirmed (04-Oct-2011) it will be formally listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in Nov-2011. The carrier held its pre-IPO investor conference, outlining the following revenue share for 1H2011:

  • Revenue share:
    • Cross-Strait: Accounted for 30.9% of total revenue;
    • Domestic: 25.0%;
    • International scheduled: 24.9%;
    • International charters: 8.4%;
    • Agent: 3.1%;
    • In-flight: 2.6%;
    • Cargo: 2.2%;
    • Other: 1.9%.

TransAsia also confirmed plans to expand its international route network in Nov-2011 with Kaohsiung-Hanoi, Kaohsiung-Nanning, Kaohsiung-Hefei, Hualien-Hangzhou and Hualien-Wuhan. No frequency details were disclosed.