18-Oct-2010 10:36 AM

Tokyo Haneda to increase international tourists visiting regional cities: Transport Minister

Japan's Transport Minister Sumio Mabuchi stated the opening of Tokyo Haneda Airport to international services will result in more foreign travellers visiting regional cities via Haneda (AFP/Kyodo, 16-Oct-2010). The new terminal and fourth runway is scheduled to open on 21-Oct-2010 with regular services to commence on 31-Oct-2010. Haneda will be linked with a total of 17 cities in Asia, Europe and North America by spring 2011. The new runway and terminal will eventually handle 60,000 flights and over seven million passengers p/a.

MLIT: "I hope this will lead to their discovery of new tourist attractions and tourism routes. I believe more foreign travellers will visit regional cities via Haneda by using extensive domestic networks as regular international flights start." Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister Sumio Mabuchi said. Source: AFP, 16-Oct-2010.