7-Jun-2010 10:53 AM

Time for cautious optimism: IATA

IATA Director General and CEO, Giovanni Bisignani, stated it is “finally time for some cautious optimism” for the recovery of the aviation industry (AFP, 06-Jun-2010). IATA believes the Apr-2010 disruption caused by the European volcanic ash crisis will slow growth but the underlying trend is a sustained recovery. Mr Bisignani cautioned that the industry is trading ash for uncertainties over strikes and the growing currency crisis, both also focussed on Europe (Hindu Business Line, 06-Jun-2010).

IATA: “Labour must realise that their pay checks are supported by the performance of the company. The middle of a very fragile recovery is not the time to be asking for salary increases or improved conditions. This mentality is divorced from reality,” Giovanni Bisignani, Director General & CEO. Source: Hindu Business Line, 06-Jun-2010.