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Stelios issues easyJet an ultimatum

22-Jul-2010 11:33 AM

easyJet has been give 90 days to address its punctuality issues (Herald Sun/Travel Weekly/Telegraph, 21-Jul-2010). Founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has issued the warning, stating that if the LCC fails to resolve the issue, he will withdraw the brand licence and the airline will be forced to change its name. Sir Stelios’ warning follows recent reports that showed more than 50% of easyJet’s Gatwick services were late. Sir Stelios’ lawyers stated that easyJet is “operating in a way that is materially detrimental to and inconsistent with the good name, goodwill, reputation and image of our client and its intellectual property rights".

Separately, Sir Stelios has outlined plans to launch a suite of travel products to compete directly with several easyJet offerings (UK-Airport-News, 21-Jul-2010). Sir Stelios has launched a digital and outdoor ad campaign to promote He has also created holding sites for and