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Spring Airlines reiterates plans to establish subsidiary in Japan

30-Aug-2011 11:41 AM

Spring Airlines chairman and founder Wang Zhenghua reiterated the carrier plans to establish a subsidiary in Japan as part of efforts to expand its international network (China Daily/, 30-Aug-2011). Preparatory work is currently under way, he said. Spring Airlines spokesman Zhang Wuan said the idea of opening a subsidiary in Japan was first raised at the beginning of this year. "Currently, we have embarked on the preparation work," Mr Zhang said. The subsidiary is likely to become a first for a Chinese carrier in Japan, according to Mr Zhang who added: "The Japanese aviation market is extremely important and large, especially for carriers based in the Yangtze River Delta region". The carrier has been approached by more than 10 Japanese prefectural governors about commencing regular services. 

Spring Airlines: “We plan to set up a subsidiary in Japan, in an effort to expand Japan’s low-cost aviation market,” Wang Zhenghua, Chairman. Source: Net Ease, 29-Aug-2011.