11-Aug-2009 11:56 AM

Southwest Airlines submits binding cash offer for Frontier

Southwest Airlines confirmed (10-Aug-09) it has submitted a binding cash offer of more than USD170 million for Frontier Airlines. The offer is well above Republic Airways’ USD108.8 million bid. Frontier will be sold at auction on 13-Aug-09, as part of Frontier's bankruptcy case (AP, 10-Aug-09). Southwest reportedly plans to acquire approximately 80% of Frontier's existing Airbus fleet (or approximately 40 aircraft), plus all of Lynx. Initially, Frontier would operate its Airbus aircraft as it does today, with a planned retirement of the Airbus fleet and transition to Southwest's B737s over a period of approximately 24 months. Southwest intends to maintain all existing markets, as well as add new non-stop routes from Denver that are not currently served by either carrier. [more at AmericaAviation.aero]