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Shannon Airport to take legal action against Ryanair

7-Oct-2010 11:49 AM

Ireland's Shannon Airport Director Martin Moroney stated the airport plans to take legal action against Ryanair for breach of contract (RTE News, 06-Oct-2010). According to Mr Moroney, the carrier “failed miserably” to meet passenger targets at the airport and failed to meet its commitments under a five-year agreement as a result. Ryanair claims one of the reasons it is cutting services at Shannon is due to the airport’s plans to increase passenger charges. However, Mr Moroney argued the LCC was cutting operations after failing to reach its targets. The Director also commented that although the airport is fighting for survival following the global financial downturn, it is “not in terminal decline” and he is confident there is a future for the airport. He added a number of airlines have expressed interest in launching routes to Shannon.