7-Sep-2012 3:05 AM

Scoot crews share hotel rooms to save on costs: CEO

Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson, speaking at CAPA's LCCs & New Age Airlines in North Asia Conference in Macau, stated (06-Sep-2012) flight attendants at the carrier share hotel rooms on overnight trips, one of many cost saving measures Scoot introduced when launching services in Jun-2012. "Our crews share rooms. That's a cost savings measure," Mr Wilson said noting the savings from such a measure is significant, particularly on non-daily routes such as Singapore to the Gold Coast, Tianjin and the not yet launched route to Shenyang and Qingdao. Scoot also operates daily flights to Bangkok and Sydney. Bangkok is Scoot's only route that can be operated as a turnaround basis with a single crew while in Sydney all crews stay just a single night as the route is served daily.