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SAS to launch four new services in 2010

5-Jan-2010 11:23 AM

SAS announced plans to launch the following new routes in 2010 (ASIA Travel, 04-Jan-2010):

  • Lyon (France), from 6-Apr-2010;
  • Vilnius (Lithuania) via Copenhagen, from 11-Jan-2010;
  • Bardufoss (Norway), 31-May-2010 - 29-Aug-2010;
  • Visby (Sweden) via Stockholm, 6-Jun-2010 - 5-Sep-2010;

It also announced plans to add frequencies on the following routes:

  • Copenhagen-Stockholm, 1-Feb-2010;
  • Copenhagen-Oslo, 1-Feb-2010;
  • Copenhagen-Brussels, 6-Apr-2010;
  • Copenhagen-Bologna, 6-Apr-2010.