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SAS sees yield slowly improving with increased premium demand

1-Apr-2010 11:40 AM

SAS CEO, Albert Henschel, stated yield is improving “slowly”, with demand for premium seats, including Business and Economy extra also increasing “slowly”, although “significant” yield improvement is some time away (Emirates Business 24/7, 01-Apr-2010).

SAS:We can see some signs of yield going up slowly. They are getting a little better. The demand of business class seats and 'economy extra' seats is going up slowly. With this prices go up a little bit. I sincerely hope this continues. I cannot see a significant rise in yield for some time because this recession has been really strong. It hit all kinds of industry. We will slowly put back the capacity we took out in the same pace as demand starts to grow. It was one of the ways to maintain a reasonable economy this year. I expect it will take more than a year to return to capacity,” Albert Henschel, CEO. Source: Emirates Business 24/7, 01-Apr-2010.