26-Feb-2010 1:39 PM

Safran Group operating profit down 16.9% for FY2009

Safran Group operating profit down 16.9% for FY2009 – financial highlights:

  • Revenue: EUR10,488 million, +1.2% year-on-year;
    • Aerospace propulsion: EUR5,673 million, -2.2%;
    • Aircraft equipment: EUR2,767 million, -3.1%;
  • Recurring operating profit: EUR698 million, +7.1%;
    • Aerospace propulsion: EUR628 million, +7.5%;
    • Aircraft equipment: EUR73 million, +21.7%;
  • Operating profit: EUR663 million, -16.9%;
  • Net financial income (expense): (174 million), compared to a loss of EUR203 million in the previous corresponding period;
  • Net profit (loss): EUR376 million, +47%. [more]

Safran Group: “Despite a slightly less favourable currency hedge, the Group expects full-year 2010 revenue to be similar to 2009 and is confident that recurring operating income should increase moderately at a targeted hedge rate of USD 1.46 to the Euro. Free cash flow is expected to represent approximately half of the recurring operating income,” Company Statement. Source: Safran Group, 25-Feb-2010.