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Ryanair confirms plans to reduce Dublin frequencies

19-Nov-2010 10:55 AM

Ryanair confirmed (17-Nov-2010) plans to reduce Dublin service frequencies, due to increasing charges at the airport with the opening of its new Terminal 2. It called on the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) to "mothball" the new terminal, while also calling on the Irish Government to scrap its EUR10 tourist tax and break up the DAA "monopoly" by selling Cork and Shannon airports, as well as Dublin Airport's Terminals 1 and 2. [more]

Ryanair: "Terminal 2 should be mothballed which would at least save duplicating the operating costs of two terminals at Dublin Airport when the existing terminal already has capacity for some 30m passengers. Thanks to the policy failure of the DOT and the incompetence of the DAA monopoly, Irish airports are now totally uncompetitive against their European peers which is why traffic at Dublin is collapsing, while traffic growth has returned at most other European airports," Michael O'Leary, CEO. Source: Ryanair, 17-Nov-2010.