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Ryanair condemns tourist tax 'half measure'

8-Dec-2010 11:28 AM

Ryanair condemned (07-Dec-2010) Irish Government's decision to develop a clear tourism policy in the latest budget and warned Irish tourism "will continue to be strangled by a EUR3 tourist tax and the high and increasing charges levied by the Government-owned DAA airport monopoly." The government announced it will reduce the tourist tax from EUR10 to EUR3 per departing passenger, a decision the LCC welcomed, but it added the decision was not made by the government but rather it was one made made by EU Commission. Ryanair said it would prefer to see the government scrap the tax altogether, noting the Dutch, Belgian and Spanish governments have abandoned similar taxes. Ryanair said that while there is a reduction in the tax, the DAA is raising airport charges by EUR3 per departing passenger from Jan-2011, which the LCC believes offsets the tax cut. [more]

Ryanair: "It is regrettable that this government didn’t have the balls or vision to go the whole way and scrap this stupid tourist tax altogether, when at this new EUR3 level it will bring in less than EUR35 million p/a. While the government reduces the tourist tax by EUR7, the government-owned DAA monopoly has increased airport fees by over EUR11 per departing passenger over 2010 and 2011." Michael O’Leary, CEO. Source: Ryanair, 07-Dec-2010.