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Qatar Airways sees Cseries as 'far more appealing' than A320neo

28-Mar-2011 1:40 PM

Qatar Airways senior vice-president for the Americas, Dudley Snyder, stated the Bombardier CSeries is "far more appealing" than the alternative A320neo, creating speculation of an imminent announcement for an order of the aircraft type (Postmedia News, 25-Mar-2011).

Qatar Airways: "What we want in an aircraft is of course the same as everyone else. As low-cost as possible, high reliability and greater passenger comfort. And when we look at the (A320)neo ... it is an incremental development of an existing aircraft at the lowest possible cost because they simply don't have the R&D funds. A new-generation aircraft is going to give you much better costs, better passenger comfort and more reliability than a re-engined version of an existing aircraft. So it's not the most appealing idea. A new aircraft is far more appealing,"  Dudley Snyder, VP Americas.  Source: Postmedia News, 25-Mar-2011.