12-Oct-2009 10:58 AM

Qantas CEO denies plans to “Jetstarise” Qantas

Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce denied he plans to “Jetstar-ise” Qantas, stating he believes premium demand will return eventually to the mainline operation (Sydney Morning Herald, 10-Oct-2009). Mr Dixon added the carrier has no plans to make any acquisitions at present, stating they are too difficult to carry out in the aviation industry.

Qantas: “The business market will return, and when it does return you could easily see in a couple of years' time the bulk of our profitability being made through the Qantas brands again…I think [the Business market] does have a life, and after the end of every recession people have called the market as being dead and it's never been the case…We have the strength to do it [merge with another carrier]. Our issue is that these are a lot harder to do than in any other industry. There is nothing on the radar screen for us. After going through it a few times you begin to realise you need all the planets to align to make it happen and it's a very difficult task for us to complete.” Alan Joyce, CEO. Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 10-Oct-09.