9-Jul-2010 12:14 PM

Passenger numbers to more than double to 700 million by 2020: CAAC

CAAC Director of Policy Research, Liu Shaocheng, estimates air passenger numbers will reach 266 million this year, more than double to 700 million and then 1.5 billion p/a by 2020 and 2030, respectively, as the country’s economic growth continues to stimulate travel (Bloomberg, 08-Jul-2010). Mr Liu cautioned that the construction of high-speed rail links and concerns about pollution may restrict the long-term growth of China’s aviation industry. China is scheduled to open 10 new airports in 2010, increasing the total number of airports to 176 by year-end and 250 by 2020.

Airbus China: “Somewhere between 2020 and 2030, China will become the largest aviation market in the world. We are taking this country very, very seriously,” Laurence Barron, President. Source: Bloomberg, 08-Jul-2010.