10-Sep-2010 11:04 AM

OAG reports strong growth in global air services

OAG reported (07-Sep-2010) that global airline capacity (seats) and frequency will show 8% and 6% growth year-on-year in Sep-2010, respectively. According to OAG, capacity expansion is most significant within/to/from the Middle East (+11%), to/from Africa (+17%), to/from Europe (+10%), and to/from Asia Pacific (+10%).

  • Within Asia Pacific: +10%, capacity, +10% frequency;
    To/from Asia Pacific: +10%, +10%;
  • Within Middle East: +11%, +11%;
    To/from Middle East: +11%, +11%;
  • Within Africa: +11%, +10%;
    To/from Africa: +16%, +17%;
  • Within Europe: +7%, +5%;
    To/from Europe: +10%, +11%;
  • Within North America: +3%, +2%;
    To/from North America: +6%, +5%;
  • Within Central and South America: +10%, +11%;
    To/from Central and South America: +8%, +36%. [more]

UBM Aviation: “Much of the growth in the Middle East is spurred by increased flights in the region to a number of Asian and European destinations. Dubai International Airport is home to a growing airline, which is supported by a government interested in opening international markets, catapulting the airport into the position of being a leading international airport. For the first time Dubai’s capacity has surpassed the capacity constrained New York’s JFK.” Peter von Moltke, CEO. Source: OAG, 07-Sep-2010.

UBM Aviation: “Although Asia Pacific is a well-known area of growth, all eyes should continue to watch the region, specifically traffic to and from Delhi. Indira Gandhi International Airport recently opened a new terminal, creating great potential for this airport to become an effective connecting gateway and a viable competitor to other international hubs,” Peter von Moltke, CEO. Source: OAG, 07-Sep-2010.