21-Jul-2011 12:04 PM

Mystery surrounds Domodedovo ownership

Russia’s Investigative Committee stated it has failed to determine the owner of Moscow Domodedovo, Russia’s busiest airport (The Moscow Times, 21-Jul-2011). Chairman of Domodedovo Airport's board of directors, Dmitry Kamenshchik, reportedly refused to reveal Domodedovo's ownership structure, a position he has held since the committee was ordered by President Dmitry Medvedev to learn more about the airport’s ownership following the Jan-2011 terrorist attack at Domodedovo. East Line Group operates Domodedovo, which is owned by FML Limited. DME Ltd, which failed to launch on IPO in May-2011, is the official “face” of the airport. IPO documents identify Mr Kamenshchik as the 100% beneficiary owner of DME Ltd. Mr Kamenshchik maintains that the ownership structure is not in breach of Russian law despite its opacity.