27-Jul-2011 11:11 AM

Munich to build third runway

Munich Airport has been granted permission by the Bavarian Government to construct a third runway, which will dramatically expand capacity at Germany’s second-largest and fastest-growing major airport (Reuters/TheLocal.de, 26-Jul-2011). The government said estimates of future traffic growth show a third runway will be required, but it will only be allowed to operate between 6am and 10pm to reduce noise. By 2025, officials hope to play host 58 million passengers each year instead of the current 35 million. Construction will require the 100 homeowners to sell their properties. Lufthansa and German airlines association BDF welcomed the decision. The runway, which will be 4000m long by 60m and located to the north of the current runways, is expected to be completed by 2015 and would increase the airport’s capacity to 120 movements per hour from 90.