29-Apr-2010 10:13 AM

Macquarie Airport reports EBITDA up 19.4% at Brussels Airport

Macquarie Airport Group reports (28-Apr-2010) the following financial highlights at Brussels Airport for the three months ended 31-Dec-2010:
  • Revenue: EUR78.3 million, +4.5% year-on-year;
    • Aeronautical: EUR47.3 million, +4.8%;
    • Retail: EUR10.9 million, +7.9%;
    • Property and Real Estate: EUR9.6 million, -4.5%;
    • Car Parking and Car Rental: EUR5.7 million, +8.7%;
    • Commercial Trading and Other: EUR4.7 million, +10.1%;
  • Operating costs: EUR40.4 million, -4.6%;
  • EBITDA: EUR37.6 million, +19.4%;
  • Capital Expenditure: EUR8.8 million, -36.2%. [more]
Macquarie Airport: "Brussels Airport has delivered a strong performance for the quarter. Particularly pleasing is the operational leverage displayed by the airport, with EBITDA (adjusted) increasing by 16.5%, on traffic growth of 2.6%. This outperformance is largely the result of permanent improvements in efficiency that have been achieved over the past six months," Ms Kerrie Mather, MAp CEO. Source: Macquarie Airport, 28-Apr-2010.