31-May-2010 10:42 AM

Lufthansa proposes deferring entry of airlines into EU ETS due to ash crisis

Lufthansa CEO, Wolfgang Mayrhuber, suggested that the inclusion of the airline industry in the European Union's emissions trading scheme be deferred by a year due to the costs incurred by the industry from airspace closures related to the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud (DPA, 29-May-2010). Airlines are to be included in the EU ETS from 01-Jan-2012. Europe plans to use 2010 as a base year to determine the level of emissions to be capped. The CEO also confirmed that Lufthansa would seek compensation for losses during the crisis.

Lufthansa: "The volcanic ash hurt airlines in northern Europe much more than their competitors in the south. That's why we are asking that the starting point be delayed by one year," Wolfgang Mayrhuber, CEO. Source: Reuters, 30-May-2010.