15-Jul-2011 11:48 AM

London business opposition to third runway policy deepens

London First, a group of London-based multinationals, renewed its calls for the government to reverse its decision to block the construction of new runways at airports in the London area (The Financial Times, 14-Jul-2011). CEO Baroness Jo Valentine welcomed the government’s decision to increase the use of “mixed” runway use at Heathrow, but urged the government to do more to address the constraints on airport capacity.

London First: “The reality is that 60% of planes arriving at Heathrow are held in a holding pattern, causing unnecessary delays and harm to the environment. The fundamental problem won’t be addressed until the government has a credible strategy to increase capacity at airports in London and the south-east.” Baroness Jo Valentine, CEO. Source: The Financial Times, 14-Jul-2011.