30-May-2013 4:07 PM

LAN Airlines updates 787 schedule

LAN Airlines updated plans for the deployment of Boeing 787 equipment on three routes from 01-Jul-2013, as per a 29-May-2013 GDS timetable/inventory display (Airline Route, 29-May-2013):

  • Santiago-Lima-Los Angeles: Daily 787 service to resume on 01-Jul-2013, with 787 to operate daily between 01-Sep-2013 and 30-Sep-2013 instead of four-times weekly as previously planned;
  • Santiago-Lima-New York JFK: Daily 787 service to resume on 31-Aug-2013 and operate until 30-Sep-2013;
  • Santiago-Madrid-Frankfurt: Daily 787 service to resume on 01-Oct-2013 instead of 08-Sep-2013 as previously planned.

According to the CAPA Fleet Database, the carrier currently has three 787-8s with a further 19 on order. The airline also has four 787-9s on order.