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Jin Air: Consumers more cost-conscious of full service carriers and LCCs on long-haul sectors

29-Nov-2012 12:39 PM

Jin Air senior VP marketing and PR Emily Cho, speaking at CAPA's World Aviation Summit in Hong Kong, stated (28-Nov-2012) consumers are becoming more conscious of full service carriers and LCCs on long-haul sectors rather than on short-haul routes. Consumers, particularly the Korean travellers, prefer to save money on airfares so they can spend more in other areas of their trip, such as accommodation. This makes LCCs more popular for the leisure market, she noted, adding there is a very clear distinction between leisure travellers and business travellers. She also said the major challenge still facing LCCs today is educating consumers on what low-cost travel is and what to expect. AirAsia agreed with this sentiment, saying trying to educate customers is going to be key but the difficulty in Asia is the “immense pressure” from consumers that LCCs should also be providing high grade legacy carrier service. Ms Cho also said Jin Air is “not scared of AirAsia” adding it is prepared for the entry of AirAsia into South Korea if it happens although believes “it will not be easy” for them.