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Jazeera Airways sees recovery in political markets except Syria

20-Jun-2011 12:59 PM

Jazeera Airways CEO Stefan Pichler stated with the exception of Syria, which continues to have "problems", most other regional markets have begun to rebound from the political unrest in the region (Gulf News, 18-Jun-2011). He stated Egypt is now doing very well.

Jazeera Airways: "As an airline, we have a certain flexibility in terms of assets, which means we can change flights [move capacities around]. When the unrest started in Egypt, we flew a little bit less there and moved capacity to other destinations. In Lebanon and in Bahrain, we did the same. So we were more or less able to compensate because of the flexibility of the network...We recorded profits in first quarter 2011. That means we have been able to compensate," Stefan Pichler, CEO.