30-Mar-2011 9:03 AM

Japanese domestic travel hit harder than international

Japan’s Travel Vision reports (28-Mar-2011) the findings of a survey on the influence of the earthquake/tsunami disaster:

  • International travel reservations: Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT) reports international bookings from Mar-2011 to the Golden Week remain down around 10%. Hankyu Express International (HEI) reports a 25% decrease in Apr-2011, a 5% decrease in May-2011 and flat Jun-2011. JTB reports international demand as a whole is exceeding last year's level.
  • Domestic travel reservations: Down 33% year-on-year in Mar-2011, with a 70% reduction in tours to the Tohoku area. KNT domestic tour reservations decreased by 30% in Mar-2011 and 20% in Apr-2011. HEI had reported a 10% increase in reservations for the months of Apr/May-2011 prior to the disaster. Bookings are now down 30% in Apr-2011 and 20% in May-2011.